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Company Profile

When it came to the attention of a group of ramen-loving Thai business people that the people of Thailand were missing out on one of Japan’s most addictive iconic dishes – that spicy, slurpy, hot and satisfying noodle soup dish known as ramen – they knew they had to bring the best brand of all over to the country and get the Thais tasting it.

Yamagoya is run in Thailand by three partners - Gastronomer Co. Ltd, YS Food (Japan) and Mr. Santi Bhirombhakdi. President of Singha Corporation Co., Ltd. Thailand and Manager Mr. Wiravut Thansabutra. The restaurant is dedicated to making sure that everyone can enjoy the distinctive spicy flavours just like those at home in Japan. And we’re making really sure it’s authentic. We’ve even found a true ramen guru – our very own Japanese chef who’s flown over to Thailand, just to make sure that each dish is created exactly right. He carefully selects all of the ingredients we use to make our own delectable noodles, finds the perfect Chashu pork and creates a delicious pork soup base that recreates the rich smoky tastes of Southern Japan. With all their hard work and dedication Yamagoya Ramen now has over ten branches all around Bangkok.


Yamagoya Ramen, famous ramen from Japan

As a famous ramen restaurant that’s been a success in Japan for more than 15 years, Yamagoya Ramen knows a thing or two about the stuff. The creator of over 20 delicious original ramen recipes, Yamagoya Ramen is especially proud of what’s become their signature dish – slurpsome ramen noodles and Chashu sliced pork nestled alongside a boiled egg immersed in our own mouthwatering Japanese sauce. But why believe us - the righteousness of this ramen recipe is guaranteed by TV personality NAME NAME - WHO IS IT; THERE IS NO ENGLISH USEAGE FOR 'CHAMPION' IN THIS SENSE. FOR IT TO BE A RECOMMENDATION, IT NEEDS A NAME.

Behind that taste that tempts

At 20 years of age, Mr. Masato Okata or Kaijosan, our ramen-loving Japanese founder, just couldn’t find the rip-roaring ramen he craved. So what could he do but try and come up with his own improved ramen recipe. After numerous experiments, our fearless leader hit on the perfect method for an awesome ramen. He created his own soup base, full of the flavor that comes from only using special parts of the pork bone and boiling it for the perfect time. Then he developed his own ramen noodle recipe and the ideal way to prepare melt-in-the-mouth Chashu pork. Naturally after word got out, the logical next step was the opening of Mr. Okata’s first restaurant in the mountainous Takawa district - naming it “Yamagoya Ramen” which means ‘mountain’. Word continued to spread and Yamagoya Ramen became known for its special boiled egg dish.

Next thing we know, we have more than 70 branches of Yamagoya Ramen all over Japan and new branches opening up every month in Thailand. In both countries, Mr. Okata has invested in his very own factories to keep quality and consistency to the highest standards. Likewise, every time you go to a Yamagoya Ramen restaurant here in Thailand, you’ll find the dining environment just as tasty as the dishes.